In Mythic Proportion

Nov 11

So Long, Pumpkin. Finally, a Real Holiday Flavor.


Back when Starbucks was just a twinkle in America’s eye, its high-fructose syrups and powder mixes centuries away from realization, a true seasonal flavor leant festivity to winter beverages: spruce. Unlike pumpkin, a squash that tastes nothing like the saccharine, spiced drinks bearing its name, spruce has a heady, woodsy quality that invokes memories of snow-driven forests— no cloves or nutmeg necessary. Because it is very difficult to find commercially available, I’ve created a recipe for brewing the syrup yourself based on a few other I found, such as Hank Shaw’s:

Spruce Syrup:

Combine equal parts young spruce tips, water, and sugar and simmer overnight. Allow to cool and then strain. 


Read The Atlantic’s article on spruce here: